MG Project has been founded in 2016 to meet the recent necessary needs of efficiency, speed and flexibility, thanks to the evolution of projects, networks and telecommunication services.

Actually, with 10 offices in Italy, MG Project operates in the planning of telecommunication systems all over the country.

Our Company, has selected the best professionals in the field and can count on 80 high skilled employees and more than 40 Partner.


Based on the clients’ needs, MG Project  has created an Academy to train the internal employees and partners. The Company’s goal is to manage each project according to the higher standards. Thanks to the significant work and management experience, MG Project can also train the customer’s resources. 

Workflow Model

MG Project has a significant experience in planning and management  of end to end complex projects.

The mission of MG Project doesn’t consist in the typical activities of the engineering firms; The Client’s support starts at the project’s start up phase to the end.

The importance of supporting our customers added to  the technical experience and the management seniority  of the employees, build all the fundamental qualities for our costumer’s satisfaction.

The efficiency in terms of delivery and the quality of the planning are always associated by MG Project to the optimizations of resources thereby we can combine the needs of quality and saving requested strongly from the clients.

Our Offices

  • MILANO North West
  • ROMA Center
  • PESCARA Center
  • FIRENZE Center
  • VIAREGGIO Center
  • CAGLIARI South
  • NAPOLI South
  • PALERMO South

Organization chart

Areas of Responsability

SRB and DAS Acquisition

  • Identification and Contractualization
    • New areas for the installation of SRB
    • Implants for Indoor coverage
    • DAS technology-implants
      (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • Negotiation and updated agreement of existing contracts

DAS - Planning

Planning RF and Microwave

MG Project has developed experiences in planning RF and Microwave able to guarantee the highest levels of reliability about their proposal.

Planning wired networks

MG Project has gained the experience in managing wired networks starting from planning to the entire realization of the project, guaranting highest levels of reliability.

Preliminary planning of Mobile Phones Implants

MG Project has developed a wide experience in order to guarantee the highest levels of reliability from the beginning of its management.

  • Prohibiltive investigation
  • Documentation finding
  • Formal files to the relevant institutions
    (BB.AA., ENAC/ENAV, Vincoli Parco, etc.)
  • PDM
  • Sketchup Simulations

Electromagnetic impact analysis

  • Preliminary inspections
  • Measure of the preexisting electromagnetic camp
  • Electromagnetic impact’s analysis through software simulation
  • Verification observing of the regulations in force
  • Conformity of the implant
  • Acceptance measurements at Narrowband
    (with an analyzer of vector range)

Executive planning of mobile phones implants

Thanks to its competence and experience MG Project can complete the work through a cured execution planning  guarantying the highest level of reliability.


  • Standard and non standard planning
  • Calculation of reinforced concrete’s elements.
  • Calculation of steel’s elements
  • Electric Implants and Air conditioning planning.
  • Verification of atmospheric discharges
  • Structural reinforcements

Destructive and non destructive Investigations

 Structural investigations on masonry buildings, reinforced concrete and steel for  the materials characterization. Specifically

Destructive test :

  • Coring
  • Sampling of rods
  • Hoists: flat, single and double

 Non destructive test:

  • Relief ‘pacometrico’ for position and typology of reinforcements supporting ‘Battute sclerometriche’ testing the resistance of the concrete
  • Hardness steel test
  • Ultrasonic investigations on concrete’s characteristics
  • Verifications of welding
  • Endoscopic investigations
  • Tightening of the bolting
  • Thickness of the sheets and stimming  pale


Plano altimetric survey and hypo cadastral update documents

  • Plano altimetric survey with topographic GPS tools. Graphic rendering of layouts and quoted plan sections      
  • Cadastral database update with presentations of          particle fractioned types.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

MG Project through the  BIM has the possibility of managing the entire life-cycle of a site, combining the data regarding  planning and monitoring the executive phase through a strict method of preventive control, and by proceeding the managing of the project’s future life till its dismission. Due to this reason we offer our customers this innovative product in the Italian market.

Planning of special and experimental interventions

  • Special interventions on existing artworks for structural adjustments
  • Study of for experimental planning solutions, also the photorealistic representation



    MG Project provides the customer with resources and necessary tools to guarantee the safety of their workers in the temporary and moveable construction sites (art. 89 del decreto legislativo 81/2008 e s.m. con in reference to the  legislative requirements of Titolo IV, D.Lgs 81/08 e and follow ups (Decreto legislativo 494/96 e s.m.i.).


    MG Project provides consultancy within the following areas:

    • RF Design
    • Project Management
    • PermitManagement
    • Training
    • Computer Systems Management


    • RF Planning
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 9712 – Non destructive tests
    • ISO 18000 – On Going
    • Security : CSE – CSP – Confined Spaces
    • Course of «Planners of optical, executive and civil network» at ELIS Institute.
    • Course of building Information Modeling:
      «BIM Standard – Formation Level I and II»

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